Manual Transmissions Melbourne

Manual Transmissions Melbourne

Automotive technology has evolved to such a level that driving a car, whether manual or automotive transmission, has become a child’s play. It has brought a sort of revolution in the field of automobile and the way it is accelerating the changes in automatic transmission system, it is hard to predict what we are going to see in the future. However, due to constant running and shifting of the gears, the car’s transmission is bound to face wear and tear. As the car’s transmission is the most sophisticated and indispensable system, you will need the services of a manual transmission specialist. That’s where we, Victoria Differentials and Transmissions specializes in.

Manual Transmission Repairs Melbourne

Victoria Differentials and Transmissions have the expertise in repairing glitches in the transmission system of cars of different make and model. Each of our team members is particularly trained to apply a strategic approach in analyzing, detecting, and fixing faults in the gear system. Our team is laced with the most advance tools and equipment used for diagnostic and repairing car’s transmission. Let the car comprise of any gear ratio, our team can help you with servicing, repairing or replacing transmission for you. Being in the differentials and transmissions business for over 30 years, nothing can be left unattended by us for your automotive needs.

Manual Transmission Service

If your car has been giving you problems and you are not able to enjoy driving, it’s an indication to get it checked by an expert. As an expert in the automotive transmission field, we provide a whole range of diagnostic and repair services such as pan and filter transmission service, total transmission fluid exchange, reseal services and clutch services for manual transmissions. We can diagnose and fix shifting, slipping and slugging performance, lunging or loud knocking, gear train failure, engine surges, fluid and lubricant leaks, electrical malfunctions, slipping of transmission between gears, and full transmission replacement.

Why Us for Manual Transmission Service

Our approach towards car’s transmission problems provides us an edge over others. When it comes to diagnosing problems, we are like the microbiologist who studies a battery of living organism under a microscope. Our customers will vouch for us, and you can get several referrals if you start seeking for. We crave for customers doing the talking for us rather than we marketing ourselves. Call us once and you will never ever forget our contact number and address.


Victoria Differentials and Transmissions offer 12 months/ 20,000km warranty with all work supplied and completed by us.


    Our service list includes
  • Wheels Bearings
  • Change Over Units
  • verhaul Transmissions
  • Repair Transmissions
  • Shift kits
  • Automatic Transmission Services
  • Automatic Transmission Flush
  • Automatic Transmission Coolers
  • Torque Converters
  • High Stall Converter Upgrades
  • Clutch
  • Repair Differentials
  • Change Differential Ratio
  • Differential Air lockers, True Track
  • CVs, Axles and Driveshafts
  • Driveshaft Centre Bearings
  • Uni Joints
  • Oil Inspection and Changes


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