With over 30 years of experience in differentials and transmissions, our team will look after all your automotive needs.


We use quality parts and employ state of the art diagnostic equipment to assist in our repair methods.

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Here you can have a look at our differentials repairs for the wide range of cars with their respective models.


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Diff Specialist, Gearbox Specialist and Transmission Specialist Melbourne


VicDiffs is known as the Diff Specialist in Melbourne. We are family owned and operated business dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service and work at a competitive price. Our experienced team is Gearbox Specialist and Transmission Specialist in Melbourne that looks after your automotive needs. We are committed to excellence, ensuring all our customers receive the very best in automotive care.


   Wheels Bearings

   Repair Transmissions

   Automatic Transmission Flush

   High Stall Converter Upgrades

   Change Differential Ratio

   Driveshaft Centre Bearings

   Change Over Units

   Shift kits

   Automatic Transmission Coolers


   Differential Air lockers, True Track

   Uni Joints

   Overhaul Transmissions

   Automatic Transmission Services

   Torque Converters

   Repair Differentials

   CVs, Axles and Driveshafts

   Oil Inspection and Changes

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