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Fluid dripping from the car is not uncommon. One can easily stop it if he or she can identify it. When a car is leaking, the tiny droplet oozing out of the car is a stain that gossips about the poor maintenance of the car. It alarms the owner that it is time to give a break to the car and get it serviced. But how often do people recognize the exact fluid leaking from the car?

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So let’s get acquainted with some of the most common car fluid Leaks:

  • Brake Fluid: If you feel a dull mechanical smell filling your nostrils and see a green fluid dripping then get alerted. It is brake fluid leakage and is considered one of the most dangerous leaks because of its corrosive nature. Usually, it is transparent or of pale yellow colour, but it becomes green as it is not changed on a regular basis. So if you spot this puddle, get the car towed.
  • Engine Oil: Like the smell of burnt butter and colour ranging from gold to dark brown/black Engine oil leaks needs to be repaired immediately. This oil usually has a burnt smell because of the debris in the engine. Get your engine cleaned and the oil removed from timing covers, valve cover gaskets, drain bolt and filter visiting an automatic transmission service Melbourne.
  • Power Steering Fluid Leaks: Transmission Specialist Melbourne explains that power steering fluid leaks can be identified as a medium thick liquid dripping and staining the steering rack or rack end seals. You can also hear unusual sound when there is low fluid in the steering pump. The yellow colour leak is a sign that it’s time to change steering rack.

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  • Antifreeze Leaks: Antifreeze or in layman terminology coolant comes in various colours ranging from red, orange, blue or green depending on the brand of the car. It is a sweet-smelling liquid that is easy to detect and normally leaks through the radiator. But one should not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot as it could result in severe burns to the face. To avoid serious injuries, it is better for car owners to consider Transmission rebuild Melbourne.

These are some of the drips that one should be aware of as negligence can lead to accidents or mishaps. Still, if there is any confusion or you feel that your car smells funny or you cannot identify the type of leak, it’s always advisable to contact automatic transmission Melbourne to avoid any mishap.

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